New Music Video for Break New Ground

February 22, 2017

Our friends Doug and Amanda asked their daughter Charly what she wanted for her 11th birthday and she said, “I want to go roller skating and I want Hot Won’t Quit to play.” We couldn’t imagine a cooler 11-year-old girl and we were absolutely honored to rock out for such a glorious occasion.

We really can’t thank Charly enough for making our dreams come true. We got to rock and skate and celebrate all on the same night! What a magical world we live in. :)

The idea for this video was actually pretty spur of the moment. Eli was rolling around the rink filming Blaine and decided that it would be fun to stitch together some random bits of video and set it to one of our songs. Thankfully our homie Shawn was also filming a bunch and he passed on his video bits.

Prior to this video we only had one from Gettin’ Sweaty and continuing the skating theme seemed to make the most sense. Who knows?! Maybe we’ll eventually get around to making videos for all of our music!

We hope you enjoy it.